Client Reviews

After years of DIY jobs on my hair it was left in quite a sorry state to say the least... i went in a woman who would avoid the mirror so i didnt have to see the damage i had caused and i left with the biggest smile on my face! Tyler, the graduate stylist, did a fantastic done correcting my errors, she was friendly and approachable with a good knowledge of what my options were. I will definetly be returning regularly to lime and would totally reccommend to everyone! See you guys soon!! Xxx

I want to thank John and Megan and the lovely staff at Lime for looking after my hair, and for giving me the Matrix Biology Scalpsync hair treatment, the So Long Damage shampoo and Full Density thickening conditioner to trial. My hair is so much better, and thicker. After being unwell, I am so grateful for your kindness and for this boost. Can't wait for my next appointment!

Jemma cut my daughters hair today and she loves it!! Not only did she not grumble when I booked a trim rather than a cut, but she didn't complain when my daughter requested another two inches taken off the final cut and poor Jemma had to start again! Wonderful salon and staff. One very happy little girl tonight, thank you!! X

OK. I am a perfectionist. I have been spoiled by London stylists. I am also terrified because so many people are horrific just in general lol. John and his team are amazing. First off, John himself is amazing... it is no surprise that his team are both talented and personable. They take a straight talking American who is worried and anxiety ridden, who has ambitious expectations about going from super dark to something far lighter, far ashier, far ... different ... and they not only deliver but they exceed expectation. I have had Tracey, Abby, and John himself. Literally no complaints. Their approach in taking me from like a 4N to waaaaay lighter was very "keep it real, girl" meets "gradual transition" meets "hair health first" ... but I gotta say. I loved their straight talk. I was always in good hands. And I am a very happy customer.

I had an appointment with Tyler today, it was my first visit to the salon and everyone was really nice and friendly. The salon is lovely and has a nice buzz. Love my colour and cut and I will definitely be returning for Tyler to work her magic again! Thank you