Biolage RAW

Lime Salon Inverkeihting has been on a journey to becoming a Sustainable Salon since we opened the doors of the curent Salon in 2016.  We have been working hard to lower the impact we have on the environment, and have made many changes to the day to day running of the salon.

In May 2017 Biolage RAW launched a completely new product, that changed the goal posts in terms of how sustainably sourced and natural hair care products could be. 

We were honored when Biolage recognized the effort we had gone to in becoming more sustainable, we and awarded us Biolage Raw Flagship Salon for Scotland.

We continue to educate our clients, staff ad other salons in the importance and benefits of making changes!

More information on these fabulous products can be found at

More on Lime Salon Bridge Streets sustainable jouney soon.


Biolage RAW and Lime!